Initial Auditions: October 25th, 2019
from 5:00pm-11:00pm

Dance Call: October 27th, 2019 
from 3:00pm-4:30pm

Callbacks: October 27th, 2019
from 5:00pm-8:00pm

Rehearsals begin December 9th, 2019
(We will be off for Christmas and New Years)
Performances: January 9th-12th, 2020

Directed by Patrick Towne
Choreographed by Elizabeth Parks & Patrick Towne 
Music Directed by Daniel Willsey

Audition Sign Up Link:

All those auditioning should prepare 1 one-minute selection in the style of the show. Please do not sing from the show for your initial audition. Please bring sheet music in the proper key for the accompanist A capella auditions are not allowed.  All those auditioning should bring 1 head shot and resume. 


“Carousel” Character Breakdown

(Note, ages, where stated, are approximate character ages, but actor ages may vary quite a bit from the character ages. Do not let these stated ages dissuade you from auditioning for a part. Later in Act II most characters have aged ~16 years. Note, “Carousel” needs children of all ages in the cast. There are the Snow children ranging from quite young up to ~16. There are also classmates for Louise, and Enoch Snow Jr.’s graduation class. All children will be members of the chorus when not playing one of the specific characters.) *At this time, all roles are available* 

Billy Bigelow-M, Baritone (Early 30s-Late 40s): The very successful barker for the Mullin Carousel. Billy’s success is based in part on his attractiveness to the young women who visit the Carousel. A bit of a rogue and ladies man, Billy is a tragic figure who is a good person at heart, but who has never learned to deal with anyone, especially those he loves, with anything other than violence. This actor should have a strong physical appearance and a commanding presence. He must show a range from strong anger to a father's love for his unborn child.

Julie Jordan-F, Soprano (Late 20s-Early 40s): A very shy but head strong young woman. She falls for Billy and recognizes that it will not come to a happy ending. Still she prefers Billy over someone like Mr. Snow who would treat her as property. This actress must show a quiet and still strength. She must be able to convey a range of emotion with very little dialogue. 

Carrie Pipperidge-F, Soprano (Early 20s-Late 30s):  Carrie is Julie’s best fried and is a much more conventional young woman for her time. She marries Mr. Snow and is happy to be subservient to him. Looking for an actress with a positive spirit and good comedic timing. 

Enoch Snow-M, Tenor. (Late 20s-Early 40s) Fisherman and future tycoon. Mr. Snow has his whole life planned out including his entire life with betrothed Carrie. Carrie is more of the idea of the wife that his ambition requires than a real person with needs, ideas, and desires of her own. In his own way Mr. Snow abuses Carrie as much as Billy does Julie. 

Nettie Fowler-F, Soprano (Early 40s-Late 50s) Julie’s somewhat older and wiser cousin (maybe even kind of an Aunt). She runs the local “spa” a kind of eating establishment. She takes in Julie and the unemployed Billy after their wedding. This actress must have a very maternal presence on stage. 

Jigger Craigin-M, Baritone (Early 30s-Late 40s): A good-for-nothing sailor off of a whaling ship. Every year in port he latches on to some unwitting accomplice for his criminal endeavors. This year it is Billy, and he leads Billy to his ruin. Jigger is a cunning criminal who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. His desperation puts Billy in a deadly position. 

Mrs. Mullin-F, Non-Singing Role (Late 40s-Early 60s) She owns the Carousel in the local amusement park. She also thinks she owns Billy and is quite upset at his attraction to Julie. She fires Billy when he marries Julie but later tries to get Billy to leave Julie and come back. Mrs. Mullin is a still attractive middle-aged widow. 

Louise-F, Non-Singing Role (Late Teens-Mid 20s) Billy and Julie’s 15 year old daughter. Louise is tormented by the rest of the kids in the town because of how Billy dies (commits suicide when caught trying to rob Bascombe with Jigger), and is thus very unhappy and combative. This is a major dance role. Seeking an actress with a strong background in dance, specifically ballet.

Mr. Bascombe-M, Non-Singing Role (Late 40s-Early 60s) The very strict owner of the local mill where Julie and Carrie live and work. When not playing Bascombe this person can double as other roles or the male chorus. 

Starkeeper/Doctor Seldon-M or F, Non-Singing Role (Can be played by any age) A heavenly figure. It is ambiguous as to whether the Starkeeper is God, or one of his angels. Dr. Seldon is the earthy version of the Starkeeper. This person can double as other roles or as a member of the chorus.

Heavenly Friend-M or F, Non-Singing Role (Can be played by any age). An Angel sent to bring Billy to the Starkeeper after his death. 

Enoch Snow Jr.-M, Non-Singing Role (Late teens-Mid 20s) Young man around Louise’s age, also graduation from high school. He likes Louise but thinks of her as being below his station. In short, he is a lot like his father. This person can double as other roles or as a member of the chorus.

Carnival Boy-M, Non-Singing or Speaking Role (Late teens-Mid 20s) A boy who looks like Billy and is a member of a passing carnival. He dances with Louise during the ballet sequence. This is a dance role only. Seeking an actor with a strong background in dance, specifically ballet. This person can double as other roles or as a member of the chorus.

Snow Children-M and F, Non-singing or speaking roles (Various ages) The script says that Enoch and Carrie Snow have 9 children (including Enoch Jr.). They all take part in the Ballet sequence as well as the graduation. We will use as many kids as we can get for these scenes. In addition, the children will be in several chorus numbers. 

Chorus Members-M and F (Various ages). We are looking for a variety of singers and dancers to fill the chorus members for this show. We need townspeople, carnival goers, dancers to make the carousel, ballet dancers, and many other roles.