Private Music Lessons

Upstage Theatre offers two private music lesson options:                                                                

Private Voice & Beginning Piano lessons.   

Beginning Piano Lessons

Private Class Student Playing PianoAre you or your child interested in exploring how to play the piano? Enroll in beginning piano lessons that meet weekly for 30 mins one-on-one with an instructor.

These lessons are great for children who have never played the piano before and do not know much about music, or even for teenagers and adults who have always wanted to learn how to play.

Lesson Pricing: 30 minute lessons = $30/week

Instructor: Jenny Rottmayer

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Private Voice Lessons

"Sing Out Louise!!" Upstage will offer lessons for students who want vocal technique training. Our lessons will focus on proper breathing and support, intonation, sight reading, song study, and warm-up. These techniques will create a strong, well-rounded repertoire for any performer. All songs will be chosen with age and capability in mind.

Voice Lesson Information

Lessons are open to students grades 2nd and up, schedule is arranged with your instructor. Lesson prices vary based on session length, prices are as follows: 

  • Cost Varies with Instructor

Instructors: Emily Bare, Robin Cotton (, Noah McGuire, Tyler Perring, Jenny Rottmayer