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2019 Summer Season @ Mitch Park

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Once Upon A Mattress: July 18th-20th & July 25th-27th   

Musical retelling of the fairy tale-Princess and the Pea (with a twist!)An overbearing Queen won’t allow anyone in the kingdom to marry until her son, Prince Dauntless, finds a suitable wife. Sir Harry and Lady Larken discover Larken is expecting, so time is of the essence. Sir Harry finds Princess Winnifred-your atypical princess who charms the Prince and the kingdom with her quirky personality. The Queen puts Winnifred through several tests to quash the match. Ultimately ending with the pea under several layers of mattresses.Features additional supporting characters-the Queen’s husband the King (silent-since he is under a curse), a dancing jester, a traveling singing Minstrel, the Queen’s trusted confidante the Wizard, and a whole kingdom of knights and ladies.  

Introducing our Summer 2019 Company Performers! 

These actors and actresses will be a part of both musicals this summer. Stay tuned for their headshots and bios!

Noah Cochran

Bruce Lonteen

Madisen Lonteen 

Christian Matthiesen

Natalie McGowan

Melina Mincey

Guy Mitchell

Tyler Perring

Aubrey Ross

Emma White



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